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One Boss Leaves: Krik'thir wraps up a close victory

Two Bosses Enter ... but only One Boss Leaves, in WoW Insider's series of fantasy death matches. This season's bosses come from the five-man instances of Wrath of the Lich King.

This was a close one: Krik'thir the Gatewatcher of Azjol-Nerub wrapped up a victory over Ingvar the Plunderer and Annhylde the Caller (Utgarde Keep) by fewer than 50 reader votes. Two Bosses Enter reader Rexton narrated the winner's path to victory. "It's close, but I give this one to Krik'thir," he wrote. "I'm doubting Krik'thir would just wait in the back and let his minions do all the work. Yeah, he'd be the prime target. Total, that's 10 enemies that Ingvar has to go through, and on top of that is the unmentioned ability Bugs. I'm not saying Ingvar will go down easily; I mean, he has Smash on his side, for one thing. As long as he keeps that and Cleave up, I can see his taking a at least four down before he dies.

"Krik'thir: 75% health, 6 minions
"Ingvar: 100%

"Now Ingvar's back up, stronger than ever. Does more damage and switches some abilities around. Coupling Dreadful Roar with Dark Smash and Shadow Axe, this is where it gets deadly. Ingvar chews through the minions as Krik'thir starts standing back a bit, continually sending out Bugs and using Curse of Fatigue. Once the minions are finished off, Ingvar is at 40% while Krik'thir is at 55%. Ingvar rushes at Krik'thir, starting off with a Dreadful Roar followed by a Shadow Axe, as Krik'thir sends out more bugs. Some of the bugs are destroyed by the Dark Axe ability. Krik'thir's main attack is now Curse of Fatigue.

"Krik'thir: 25%

"The battle continues with the Dreadful Roar/Dark Smash combo and Bug/Curse of Fatigue spam, but ultimately, Ingvar loses yet again."

Here's how Rexton called the dialogue:

Krik'thir: "I sense the living. Be ready."
Ingvar: "I'll paint my face with your blood!"
"This kingdom belongs to the Scourge! Only the dead may enter."
"My life for the ... death god!"
"As Anub'Arak commands!"
"I return! A second chance to carve out your skull!"
"Dinner time, my pets."
"No! I can do... better! I can..."
"You were foolish to come."

KJP regretfully remarked upon Annhylde's rather limited range of assistance. "If Annhylde would just be a team player for once and bust Ingvar out of Web Wrap so he doesn't have to give the watchers 10 free seconds at him, he'd probably have enough to go the distance," he noted. "Alas for the Plunderer, that's just not her style."

Ingvar's supporters came up just short
Reader Mill cast his lot with Ingvar the Plunderer: "Intro: We never actually killed the Gatewatcher, just knocked him out. After we leave he wakes up and somehow uses the power of the Lich King to rez the other three groups, thinking Anub'arak is still alive. He is bent on revenge and sneaks to Utgarde Keep.

"Battle: They make their way through the keep until only Ingvar stands. Hearing the battle before they reach him, he has time to prep his axe and ask the old god for strength. As he finishes preparing the blade, the first Watcher comes at him. He easily cleaves him in two and finishes off the other two members with the same simplicity. Then he sees the two others Watchers coming at him. One of them tries to Web him; he deflects it, Webs the other Watcher, kills him and focuses his attention on the remaining Watcher. Just as he deals the killing blow, Krik'thir attacks him from behind and launches him off the balcony into the lake. He swims to shore just in time to see Krik'thir jump down. Krik'thir impales him in the head.

"Conclusion: Seeing his job is finished, Krik'thir turns his back. He dosn't see Annhylde come and ressurect Ingvar. Yet, unlike the instance, Ingvar is found worthy and becomes three times as powerful. He charges, swings his axe... Two hours later, he mounts Krik'thir's head on one of the posts on the balcony for all to see ..."

So despite the close vote on this battle, Ingvar falls and Krik'thir and his minions head off to the next round. Be sure to come back later today for the next Wrath five-man boss deathmatch.

Vote in the next boss deathmatch (with villains from the five-man instances of Wrath of the Lich King) when Two Bosses Enter returns later today.

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