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T-Mobile myTouch 3G box art comes out to play

Chris Ziegler

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It's no big secret that T-Mobile was going to get a version of the HTC Magic at some point, but this box art confirms a couple very important things for us. First, it's going to be called the myTouch 3G -- not the Magic, Sapphire, or G2 -- and the imagery conjured on the packaging is a good deal more exciting than that found on the G1. Second, it'll be available in three colors, just like its older, QWERTY-equipped brother -- but unlike the G1, the wildcard third color will be a dark red marketed as "merlot." Of course, white and black will also be available, and we've got the proofs for all three in the gallery below, so have a look while you wait for launch; our documents here say that T-Mobile expects to bring this sucker into retail stores on August 5 -- but given the carrier's "early summer" statement for its next Android device, we're cautiously optimistic that date has been pushed up.

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