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The Daily Grind: Are you excited by the Aion beta?

Lesley Smith

I don't know about you but I'm so excited by Aion. I really can't help it, I've been following the game since it was announced. I'm pretty sure it was the angelic avatars, the ability to fly, an ethereal soundtrack and the Asian origins which captured my attention and I'm literally counting down the hours until the beta begins on Friday. Days like this make me love my job. By now the beta keys should have started landing in inboxes, including the 200 we gave away last week, and the fact they went so fast confirms my belief that a lot of people want to play this game.

So come on, readers, do you have a beta key? Are you planning to roll an Elyos? Do you like the idea of a shorter beta testing a specific class/race/zone or do you prefer being left to your own devices with an entire world to explore? Would you rather play as an Asmodian? What about you folks who don't give a fig, why doesn't Aion interest you? Are you baffled by the number of people clamouring to play this new MMO?

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