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Video: Viliv X70 MID gets some use, makes quite an impression


We've had our eye on Viliv's X70 since it was nothing but a render... and a beautiful dream. Now it looks like the kids at jkOnTheRun have got their hands on one and have given it the what-for. The conclusion? If there is a MID in your future, you will want to give this thing some serious consideration. According to the reviewer, the 7-inch, 1024 × 600 display seems more than generous (especially after using the 4.8-inch S5 for any length of time), giving the user plenty of room for shuffling items around on the desktop with his or her phalanges. Besides looking good, this bad boy is also thinner than the aforementioned S5, even after throwing in a webcam. Other thoughts? "Reading e-books" in portrait mode is "awesome," apparently, and the speed is "very fast," as one would expect from a device with an SSD. He has yet to test the integrated 3G (yet), but rest assured that it is there. We're still holding out for a release date and a price for this guy -- but in the mean time, make sure you peep the video after the break.

[Via SlashGear]

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