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Video: Wi-SKY promises in-flight 45Mbps downloads, does nothing for your troubled conscience


So, we know you're as giddy as a child on Christmas morn' every time one of your flights turns out to have WiFi. But what if we told you that those puny 900+kbps transfers could soon be dwarfed by download rates as high as 45Mbps? This is Wi-SKY's claim, made during a presentation at the Immarsat Aeronautical Conference. According to Electronista, the technology relies on a series of radio towers that are each capable of broadcasting a distance of up to 54 miles. The company has yet to announce any airline partnerships or a timeline for deployment, so don't expect to do any bandwidth-intensive tech blogging from the skies over Laramie any time soon. But we do have an octane-fueled, high-adrenaline video for you. Peep it after the break.

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