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WoW Moviewatch: slashdance vs. Ulduar


When I saw slashdance vs. Ulduar for the first time, I wasn't sure whether I should laugh or cry. This is slashdance's version of a raid-patch trailer, something to help get its members riled up and ready to go raid. Of course, it's obviously more of a parody about those kinds of similar movies. But this piece is much more tailored to the "rest of us." You know, those of us who struggle a bit more with the content.

I can't really discuss too much about the movie without spoiling the plot. But it's slashdance, who's very well known for the Redshift movies. The author's eye for quality is definitely apparant here, and I like the wry sense of wit. I also have to admit, I've been the guy to say "You are not prepared!"


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