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    Acer Aspire Timeline review roundup

    Darren Murph

    Acer's range of CULV-based Timeline machines should be trickling out to US stores any moment now, and if you're wondering if any of these are right for you, we've rounded up a trio of reviews that are guaranteed to be relevant to your interests. If you're looking to get the long and short of it, here it is: those seeking great battery life in a relatively affordable package need look no further, but performance junkies should definitely hunt elsewhere. All told, Acer managed to concoct a few machines that'll go eight hours or so under the right conditions, but none of 'em will set any records in the benchmarking department. It's called compromise people -- are you willing to make it? Check the links below to help answer that.

    Read - PCPro ("Nondescript looks and plodding performance are elevated by absolutely stunning battery life")
    Read - Laptop ("Lightweight design. Eight hours of battery life. Good-enough performance")
    Read - ComputerShopper ("Delivers great battery life in a lightweight chassis; however, comes up short in terms of features and performance")

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