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Anti-Aliased: Final Fantasy XIV is a good, good thing


So, unless you've been under a rock, you probably heard Sony squeeing in happiness about Final Fantasy XIV Online, otherwise known as just FFXIV. This is indeed the next MMO that Square-Enix has been hiding from prying eyes, and unlike the indications we got from the company a year ago, this is another Final Fantasy Online.

The reception, however, is quite mixed. Some people, like myself, are really psyched up for this next release in the online series. Others, however, are questioning why make a game like FFXIV when you already have FFXI. Why not just keep on working on FFXI? Don't we all remember how bad sequels work out in the MMO market? Why tempt fate by making a sequel?

Personally, I think the creation of this game is a good idea with all things considered. Final Fantasy brings a different perspective of play to the market -- one that it desperately needs at this point in time. What am I jabbering on about? Come on, follow me, and let's talk about why FFXIV is a good, good thing.

Time to play technology catchup

I know I've said it before in a few articles, but it's been seven years since Final Fantasy XI was released. Seven! And it really doesn't even feel like it at all!

FFXI is a great game, but it's finally beginning to show some wear and tear. The graphics in the original outdoor environments just don't hold up when compared to the textures from the expansions, and the game is, overall, beginning to look muddy. Yet, for it still being seven years later, there are areas of that game that can make anyone's jaw drop to the floor.

Square-Enix is, undoubtedly, going to go full out with FFXIV. Where as the PS2 was originally the ball and chain for FFXI, the PS3 will be the angel wings for FFXIV. This time there will be barely any limits for the game, especially since they don't have to package it with a hard drive and attempt to work around the PS2's needs. PC and PS3 can work on the exact same levels and they can deliver a top notch experience.

Past being able to update the graphics, FFXIV will be a game that will last, graphically speaking. If there is anything Square-Enix knows, it's how to develop amazingly detailed environments with a clear-cut, beautiful art style. Like I said, even FFXI is still resonating with beauty in areas today. We can be sure that FFXIV will look the same way a few years down the road.

A series that supports sequels

MMOs that run as sequels do not work well. Either the former game begins to trump the new kid on the block, or the newer game runs the old one out of business. Sequels seem to be cursed in these parts, with many of them just never reaching to the same heights the former game did.

Enter the Final Fantasy company, Square-Enix -- a group that obviously knows how to work sequels. If they can be successful enough to work for 14 games, they can be successful enough to put out one sequel to an MMO.

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