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E3 2009: Launch date announced for Rohan: Blood Feud's crafting system

William Dobson

YNK Interactive has revealed at E3 that their free-to-play MMO Rohan: Blood Feud will be getting a crafting system later this month. Andy Tubbs, the head of YNK Interactive's Rohan Division, helped make the announcement: "We are excited on soon releasing the Crafting System that will coincide greatly with our other game features like the Exchange Market, a place where players will have the ability to sell and/or buy crafted items from other players." The Exchange Market Tubbs referred to allows players to sell their items for Rohan Points, which is the currency needed to purchase things from the Item Mall -- in other words, crafting and selling the results could potentially become a good alternative to spending your own real cash.

The crafting system will involve three steps: the first is collecting resources, then comes the extraction of crafting materials from those raw goods, and finally, the actual crafting can take place with the refined materials. Various enhancements can be applied to crafted items once the creator is skilled enough. Look out for the new system to debut on the 16th of June.
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