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Massively webcomic: Grinders - MMOs for Anything These Days

Lemuel Pew

I like to think of Grinders as having the potential to be a window into the absurd, which is exactly what category a Tom and Jerry Massive Multiplayer game would fall under. As it is with these things, truth is stranger than fiction. Still, if I had my hands on the art direction I'd gritty it up a bit.

Have a funny story of your own? Submit your tale complete with a screenshot to The best will probably not involve Tom or Jerry in any way, and will be worked into the comic somehow. Magic, I bet.

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Lemuel PewLemuel Pew is a webcomic artist and MMO player with the attention span of a guppy. Between sketching gamers in cartoon form and making too many alts in City of Heroes, he draws an online comic called Blank It. Feel free to watch his Twitter at your own risk.

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