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Sony Ericsson's TM717 gives FCC a quick "hello" on way to T-Mobile

Chris Ziegler

Remember that "Elle" we mentioned in the leaked roadmap this morning? Whatever it is, it's destined to replace the somewhat homely TM506 -- which makes this here TM717 a prime candidate (especially considering that "Elle" was the T707's internal codename prior to launch). The handset looks to be little more than a T707 rebrand with AWS 3G thrown in for good measure, which would make it just what the doctor ordered to pick up where the TM506 left off, especially since it'd have a 3.2 megapixel cam versus the older model's 2. If the roadmap's close to correct, we have a few months left to wait for this one -- but it's not the end of the world since the CS8 is the Sony Ericsson that we're really waiting for anyway.

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