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TUAW at WWDC 2009: We want to hear from you


It's that time of year again. In the US, schools are emptying, weather is heating up and all sorts of developers are readying to wend their way to San Francisco for Apple's annual Worldwide Developer Conference, or WWDC.

Sure, the noncoding masses are expecting a hardware announcement (new iPhone, anyone?), but developers are really salivating over improvements to OS X in the upcoming Snow Leopard (10.6) release, and iPhone OS 3.0. After all, with great hardware comes awesome software. Apple might even have some surprises in store for us.

TUAW will be at WWDC during the week, and if you're a developer for iPhone or the Mac, we want to talk to you! Be sure to polish your elevator pitch, as we'd like to shoot as many demos as possible. Plus, we're attending the Parallels party (RSVP here), the iPhone Launch Party and maybe a few others, so there will be plenty of chances for your shot at fame. If you'd like to get in touch with us before the event, you can email us at wwdc at tuaw (dot com). See you in San Francisco! You can also join us online and on the phone during Sunday night's talkcast, where we'll be talking about the final round of preconference rumors and expected announcements.

For those you not attending, stay tuned to TUAW as we liveblog the keynote, dig into the announcements, and show the newest of the new apps being demoed at the event.

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