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Four-player Pokemon fighting on Japanese WiiWare June 16


While we were off doing whatever, Nintendo announced a new Pokémon game for WiiWare in Japan. Melee! Pokémon Scramble is developed by the same company (Ambrella) as My Pokémon Ranch, but is combat-based instead of standing-around-based. In fact, it may be the most actiony Pokémon game yet!

The player controls a remote-controlled robot Pokémon, building strength by fighting Pokémon in the wild, in anticipation of a big tournament. Gameplay is real-time, like a Zelda or Ys-type action RPG. And, of course, four players can face off in the game's Battle Royale arena mode.

Melee! Pokémon Scramble will be out in Japan on June 16. No release dates have been announced outside of Japan, but Nintendo won't deprive the rest of the world of its biggest brand.

[Via Nintendo Life]

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