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Joystiq's Best of E3 2009

Justin McElroy

It's hard if not impossible for Team Joystiq to decide on a place to eat dinner, so choosing the coolest thing we saw at E3 was all but unthinkable. Instead, we asked each member of the team to pick the best thing they saw at the show, with very few restrictions. And here are the results:

Dave Hinkle:
Scribblenauts, for its sheer magic.

Kevin Kelly: Best ANYTHING I saw was the freaking Beatles: Rock Band cartoon introduction. It made me whiz my pants.

Griffin McElroy: Well, it was Star Wars: The Old Republic, but then I played Scribblenauts, and was born anew in its splendor.

Mike Schramm: Beating down demons with a police car in Darksiders.

Ludwig Kietzmann: I traveled through time and fought dinosaurs on a robot dinosaur. Scribblenauts wins.

Justin McElroy: "Project Natal" was great, but in terms of getting me excited, that Uncharted 2 trailer slayed me.

Xav de Matos: Splinter Cell: Conviction was the best thing since stealthily sliced bread.

Andrew Yoon:
Scribblenauts really is amazing, but to break from the trend, I'll say Invizimals. It was only shown behind closed doors, but does things with the PSP I didn't think was possible.

Alexander Sliwinski: The Mass Effect 2 presentation makes it look like the series is going to a whole other level.

James Ransom-Wiley: I gotta go with Milo, the little-boy friend game. C'mon, that was the strangest revelation at E3 -- I still don't get for sure what this Molyneux project intends to provoke. And that both thrills and terrifies me.

A close second: Wii Vitality Sensor (What the F, man?)

Elizabeth Harper: I'm just going to quote from the demo and say: the only thing better than a lightsaber is two lightsabers. Star Wars: The Old Republic brings the lightsabers.

Dustin Burg: Halo 3: ODST because my jaw dropped in shock after seeing the game in action.

J.C. Fletcher: Everyone's saying Scribblenauts, so I'm tempted to start being too cool for Scribblenauts now. But seriously, I want to play that game's title screen for a year.

Jem Alexander: Didn't manage to experience Scribblenauts myself, but it sounds incredible. Best thing I saw was the Uncharted 2 trailer. In fact, I'm going to go watch it again ...

Ben Gilbert: Sin & Punishment 2. I knew nothing about it going in and couldn't believe how fun it was -- Treasure's still wonderful.

Krystalle Voecks: Star Wars: The Old Republic. If Gungans are in the game, I'll be playing whatever side gets to kill them. A lot.

James Ransom-Wiley (part 2): Scratch Vitality Sensor. The second best thing? Final Fantasy XIV announced. That was jaw-dropping. Can it beat XIII to market? It's possible. And that would be the best.

Richard Mitchell: I'm going to have to go with Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Easily the most immersive game I've played in a long time. Can't wait to get a shot at the final release.

Randy Nelson: Two new Metal Gears. A new and amazing looking Castlevania. Project Natal. Uncharted 2. God of War III. All things I tried putting into Scribblenauts, the most absolutely oh-my-gawd-I-want-now game I played at E3.

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