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Are you listening, BBC? Telltale wants to make Doctor Who games

Jem Alexander

During an interview with UK Develop magazine, Telltale's CEO Dan Connor's discussed the licenses that he'd love the company to work on in the future. Getting hold of the Monkey Island license was a pretty major coup, but he's also got his eye on The Young Ones -- a classic UK comedy show -- The Big Lebowski and Spinal Tap. Another name that gets passed around the office quite often, which may be more plausible, is Doctor Who.

"We do get emails from people asking us to make a Doctor Who series," Connors says. "Maybe if we can get a channel into the UK with Wallace & Gromit we could talk business with the BBC, that would be really good for us." We have a feeling it would be really good for us, too. The Doctor Who universe fits Telltale's point-and-click episodic style perfectly and, with some direct input from the producers of the show, could tie in very nicely to fill in some between-episode gaps. Worse things have been done with the franchise, after all.

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