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E3 2009: Sci-Fi MMO is an "action RPG"

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While visiting with Trion World Network at E3, we were unable to snag any new details on the Sci-Fi MMO beyond this poster - at least any that we can share with you, anyway. (Some of the early concept art flashed across the monitors, and it looks pretty cool if we do say so ourselves.) We did find out that this new MMO is currently codenamed "Channel 3" and is going to be an "MMOARPG", or a massively multiplayer action role-playing game.

Of course, what precisely this means is largely anyone's guess. What makes it more action-based than a normal MMORPG? Will the action be due to the tie-in with the upcoming Sci-Fi series? Will they change their earlier statements and perhaps film action-y parts of the upcoming series in-game? Or is it just going to be buttonmashapolooza, with attacks coming as fast as you're able to faceroll your keyboard? Who knows! We'll keep our eyes peeled and ears to the ground in case the folks at Trion World Entertainment decide to let slip with any more tantalizing tidbits about this upcoming TV/MMO hybrid property. (Well, assuming they also don't catch us taking pictures of the monitors showing off concept art next time. Boooo.)

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