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New SCEE head thinks Wii owners will eventually 'upgrade' to PS3

Majed Athab

The new president of SCEE, Andrew House, isn't wasting any time taking over the reins from David Reeves and causing a stir. After having been in his new office for only a little over a month, House is already making daring statements, telling Edge-Online that he believes Wii owners will eventually 'upgrade' to PS3. His logic is based off prior figures that pit the lifecycle of PS2 against that of N64 (he probably meant GameCube), citing Nintendo's console as the "entry level gaming device" and that data suggested consumers planned to "upgrade to a more powerful machine [read: PS2] later in the lifecycle when the price point was right for them."

That's a rather interesting thing to say because, frankly, for most people, the price of the PlayStation 3 isn't anywhere near right just yet. Of course, House's scope is for the long-term and about inevitable future price cuts, but there's one thing he forgot to factor in: Microsoft. What's stopping people from upgrading to the Xbox 360, especially since Microsoft has drastically taken up a bigger share of the market since the last generation?

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