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DDO adds free-to-play with Eberron Unlimited [Updated]

Kyle Horner

Gigantic news coming out of Turbine today with the announcement of Dungeons and Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited and its beta launch. This new version of the game will offer players the ability to download the game and play for free. In addition, players can purchase items, adventure packs, and account services at their discretion from the brand new DDO Store. Alternatively, traditional-minded players can subscribe to get unlimited access to all of the game's content.

Turbine is pioneering something very interesting and exciting here, as the hybrid model isn't widely used at this point, with Free Realms being the closest comparison we can think of off the top of our collective heads. Allowing players the choice of free-to-play or subscription seems like a perfect fit for Dungeons and Dragons Online. Plus, the announcement comes with new content, including a brand new class! There appears to be no confirmation on what class it is, but our guess would be the Druid.

Check out the details after the break!

  • Brand New Content & Features - DDO Unlimited will deliver a new class, increase the level cap, introduce new adventure packs including a new 12 player raid, major combat improvements and more!
  • The Fiercest Combat - DDO Unlimited features an extraordinary and heart stopping combat experience that requires players to fully engage in the battle by relying on their wits and reflexes in real time. No more clicking skills and watching the action from the sideline.
  • Mind-blowing Visuals - Explore a vast and dangerous online world, featuring the most advanced graphics in the industry, that is stuffed with the legendary monsters, glorious treasures, devious traps, mind-bending puzzles and endless adventures from the world's best known RPG.
  • Full-featured MMO - Experience sophisticated systems found only in the best games including auctions, arena death matches (Player versus Player), NPC hirelings, gambling, crafting, and powerful social tools for finding a group, forming a guild or planning an epic raid!
  • Easier Than Ever! - DDO Unlimited gets you playing in minutes instead of hours, using new proprietary Turbine technology. Creating a new character is incredibly simple with guides and templates that speed you through the process. Features an all-new new player experience that gives gamers their first taste of excitement quickly while teaching them how to play solo or with a group of fellow adventurers.
[Updated] A little additional digging on the DDO Unlimited website reveals what being a traditional subscriber offers versus the free-to-play account. Here's an image for your convenience!

Turbine has just announced that Dungeons and Dragons Online will be moving to a free-to-play business model, and we have the inside scoop. Be sure to read our complete coverage of the changeover, and look for more info as DDO Unlimited approaches launch.

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