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Empire's remaining stockpile to be sold off this week

Majed Athab

Zoo Publishing may already own the rights to Empire Interactive's IP (having bought the fallen company's catalog last month), but it doesn't own any of the company's current physical stock. This means there's a warehouse somewhere in Birmingham, England filled with the defunct company's retail software (212,000 boxes, to be exact) just sitting idly, collecting dust. KPMG is looking to liquidate these former Empire assets, hoping to sell everything altogether for a 15% premium this week and finally let Empire fade into history.

Of course, only those with pockets lined with gold and don't mind swimming in multiple copies of Pipemania, could afford to take up the offer. As MCV sadly notes, none of the proceeds will go to the 40 ex-Empire staff who were laid off and unpaid for their final eight weeks at the company.

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