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Green Day coming to Rock Band in some capacity


Green Day will have something Rock Band-related out this year, according to statements made by lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong during a KROQ appearance. An audience member asked the band if they were planning on putting songs out for the game, and Armstrong revealed that something was in the works.

"Yeah, we're doing a whole Green Day Rock Band, uh ..." Armstrong responded, unable to finish his sentence due to a swell of applause. Green Day Rock Band what? Game? Downloadable track pack? Expansion disc? Guitar decal line? Instructional video? Whatever it is, we'll find out about it soon, because it's supposed to be out by the end of the year.

The band, having just previously made fun of social networking, went on to discuss how they were too old to play Rock Band well. That's how you connect with your young audience!

[Via Kotaku, thanks, Chris W.]
Source (Part 5 of the "Kevin and Bean's Breakfast with Green Day" recording)

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