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iPhone 3G S plans revealed on Rogers, O2

Chris Ziegler

It'd take a really acutely developed talent for shutting oneself off from news to not know how much the iPhone 3G S is going to run on AT&T -- $199 and $299 for the 16GB and 32GB models on contract, just in case you've forgotten -- but what about some of the other countries that are destined to be launching the new model alongside the US on the same day? Up north, we've been told by a company spokesman that Apple partner Rogers will be pricing them at CAD $199 and $299 on three-year contracts, which works out to about $177 and $266; the old 3G, meanwhile, will be sold for (you guessed it) CAD $99. Tethering will be available and there will be no-contract pricing, but details haven't yet been announced there. Meanwhile, O2 over in the UK has dropped details on its site that put both the 3G S 16GB and 32GB as cheap as free if you sign up for a rich-enough two-year deal. Must be nice, eh?

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