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Massively refreshing: WoW Mountain Dew now available, with bonus in-game pet


Pepsico announced that its World of WarCraft-branded Game Fuel beverages are available this month, and will be in stores "through the summer." So if you're in the US and want to drink things that are packaged in a bottle with the logo of a game you like on them, head to your local grocery store.

To celebrate the launch of WoW Game Fuel, Blizzard will open a site at, where downloadable 14-day trials of the game can be found for new players, and a free downloadable in-game pet called a "Battle Bot" can be found for existing players. The Battle Bot has a speaker on the top of its head that constantly blasts guitar solos and the phrase "DO THE DEW!!!" (It doesn't.)

Mountain Dew will also give away items like laptops, various peripherals, and Game Fuel-branded merchandise every 15 minutes.

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