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Apple invites iPhone devs to test AIM/push notification


We're getting tips from multiple sources that Apple has invited a group of iPhone developers to test drive AOL's updated Instant Messenger app for the iPhone -- complete with push notification -- in an effort to see how Apple's servers will handle the traffic. The invitation included the following:

"As a developer actively working with iPhone OS, we would like your help in a private test of the Apple Push Notification service. For this test, we have selected AOL's AIM Developer Preview for iPhone OS 3.0 to create a high-volume test environment for our servers."
The test run of the new AIM app is only available on iPhone 3.0 Gold Master releases. Final release date is unknown at this point.

Edit (6:30 PT): Additional word from developers chosen for the test shows that this beta version of AIM will cease to function after seven days.

Thanks to all who submitted this!

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