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Forza 3 Limited Edition comes with 'VIP Membership' status

If you're willing to drop bundles of real-life cash for a bit of virtual notoriety, Turn 10 has got a deal that should tickle your unusual fancy. The U.S. Gamestop-exclusive limited edition bundle for Forza Motorsport 3 will hit store shelves in October, selling at $79.99, and giving its purchasers a 2GB USB dongle, a few extra cars, a dashboard theme and a "Forza Motorsport VIP Membership."

What does this exclusive title give you? According to the Gamestop listing, the benefits of being a Very Important Person include "special treatment within the online Auction House, Community Storefront and on the forums," as well as five additional exclusive vehicles. The type of "special treatment" offered is still unknown, but our money's on virtual sensual footrubs.

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