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Split/Second developer Black Rock disses Jerry Bruckheimer

Kevin Kelly

When we spoke with Split/Second developer Black Rock Studio (a fully-owned subsidiary of Disney Interactive) at E3, we asked if they felt like they'd stolen Jerry Bruckheimer's thunder, because the game looks like something we'd expect out of Jerry Bruckheimer game. Which is ironic, since Jerry Bruckheimer recently confirmed (after only a year and a half wait) that he's forming Jerry Bruckheimer Games at MTV, not Disney.

Paul Glancey at Black Rock told us, "Well, we used to say our inspirations were Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer movies ... now we just say Michael Bay movies. Good luck to him, whatever he does. Hopefully he'll be using us as inspiration." Ba-ZING! Take that, Bruckheimer! We're sure you'll feel that sting as you swim around Scrooge McDuck-style in your giant pool full of gold coins.

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