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Is the Mac OS X 10.5.7 update causing you grief?


Against my better judgment, I always download and install Mac OS X updates immediately. That has never caused an issue with any of my Macs until now. Since I installed 10.5.7 literally minutes after hearing about its release, I have been experiencing sporadic issues with USB on my first-generation Intel iMac.

A look through the Apple Support discussion forums showed that this isn't an isolated issue. A number of people have reported losing connectivity to USB hard disks and peripherals. What's rather discouraging to see, however, is that USB issues aren't the only problem that 10.5.7 hath wrought. Other frustrations reported in the forums include:

  • Loss of connectivity to Bluetooth peripherals including keyboards, mice, and phones
  • Monitor resolution issues (former resolution settings missing, colors "off", screen redraw oddities)
  • Mac crashing as it goes to sleep, having problems waking from sleep
  • No sound, or sound quality is bad
  • Intermittent problems with WiFi connectivity
  • Spontaneous shutdowns
  • Older MacBook Pros overheating
The list goes on and on... Some forum regulars report that the problems go away after downloading and installing the 10.5.7 Combo Updater (available at, while others are still experiencing frustrating crashes even after attempting this fix.

TUAW wants to hear from readers who have experienced issues of any sort since updating a Mac to 10.5.7. If you have, what kind of problems are you seeing? What, if any, fixes have worked for you?

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