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Massively's piece of the WAR Tomb King mystery has arrived

Shawn Schuster

As mentioned in a post yesterday, Warhammer Online and Mythic are hosting an expansive community event like none they've done before. Today, we received our piece of this contest in the form of a human skull wrapped in mummy rags and hay. Yes, the hay is real, but the skull is not. Darn.

This contest was created to celebrate the release of WAR's Land of the Dead, later this month. Those who are able to decipher the hieroglyphs from a variety of MMO websites will be rewarded with exclusive in-game items. Follow along after the jump to find out more information on this contest, and to see the photos of our unique Tomb King Cartouche.

To celebrate the culmination of Call to Arms, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning's first live expansion, Mythic Entertainment is hosting a community event like no other.

Beginning in late June, WAR players will be able to adventure into the ancient desert kingdom of the Tomb Kings with the release of The Land of the Dead. This massive new zone is free to all players, and introduces a wealth of new challenges for characters rank 25 and above, including a deadly, trap-laden dungeon.

To mark this occasion, Mythic is giving away 5,000 exclusive in-game items through an online puzzle of epic proportions.

The skull in this press pack is painted with a mysterious Tomb King Cartouche. Should players manage to translate these hieroglyphs into legible letters, an item code will be revealed.

WAR fans can then take this code to the Mythic Account Center and enter it into their account. Once activated, players will receive a unique Scarab Amulet reward. This fun item summons a Scarab swarm that chitters and swirls around a player's character.

Remember, nothing grants kudos like a personalized beetle horde.

The key to the mysterious hieroglyphs has been broken up and scattered amongst the WAR blogosphere. Players will need to roam across their online community to collect and complete the hieroglyphic code.

Massively's Cartouche will hand out just 1,000 amulets for players on the North American servers only. Four other US sites have also been sent Cartouches. Will Massively's be the first code to max out?

[Edit: Added another shot in different lighting to reduce glare. There are still only 9 symbols on this skull]

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