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Motorola Rival launches on Verizon, LG Neon seen casting suspicious glares

Chris Ziegler

The Casio Exilim was the big news out of Verizon this week, but it wasn't the only anticipated model to finally get announced for the carrier. The Motorola A455 Rival sorta reminds us of LG's Neon for AT&T, offering a touchscreen basically for the sole purpose of on-screen dialing so you don't need to slide out the keyboard or do anything crazy with the d-pad just to place a call; otherwise, you've got a 2 megapixel cam, EV-DO, VZ Navigator, and microSD expansion to 8GB. Even though the Neon's the doppelganger here, the Rival's priced more like the upmarket Xenon -- $99.99 on contract after rebate -- and is available now in your choice of silver and purple.

Read - Tin Silver
Read - Purple

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