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Peggle (iPhone/iPod Touch) only $1 for a limited time


Look, guys and gals, there is a crazy sale going on right now. If you're observant and like to read post titles before you dive right in to the meaty body of text you're reading right this second, then you already know the score: Peggle on the iPhone is only $1 for a limited time. Seriously, it's only a buck up until midnight, June 14. We're talking about one of the most addictive game experiences ever, for only $1. That's like ... we can't even compare it to anything, because, dude, Peggle is only $1. That's like ordering some chicken fingers and the server hands you some filet mignon, too.

Act fast, though. The sale is only going on for a couple more days.

[Via Shacknews]

Download Peggle for iPhone/iPod Touch - Peggle

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