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Apple to charge for redownloading apps from the App Store over the air?

Chris Ziegler

If you're on an iPhone right now and you see this picture here, you probably have an overwhelming feeling of doom in the pit of your stomach right about now -- or at least you should. Our tipster noticed that this message appeared while redownloading Google Mobile -- not the end of the world, since Google Mobile is free and all, but it's a strong hint that Apple will at least be giving devs the option of charging every time their app is redownloaded over the air, even to the same device from the same iTunes account. We've seen the message ourselves, only with free apps so far, but it's definitely something that could end up making the ownership experience a little more expensive in the future. Good thing for the 32GB iPhone 3G S, we guess, where you'll never have to delete a single app in your life if you don't want to -- but regardless, it's extraordinarily lame move on Apple's part if it ends up staying in there.

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