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Blackstar briefly resurfaces, flaunts more concept art


It's been a while since we heard from Spacetime Studios and their science-fantasy epic, Blackstar. Rest assured, however, that the company is still chugging along fruitfully with their game, despite earlier hiccups in the development process.

Their latest blog is short, sweet, and to the point -- Blackstar concept art. Normally we don't all hyped up about a few pieces of concept art, but Blackstar has always been the exception to the rule. Spacetime's concept art team has developed a look to the game that really resonates for simple concept art. While the images that were posted this time around aren't anything high resolution, they still offer that same bold artistic style that all of B* has shown up to this point.

So, all in all, Blackstar is still on track. They're in stealth mode right now and are keeping their game close to their chest, but we can handle stealth mode when they continually produce quality like this.

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