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Neversoft would like to add turntable support to Guitar Hero


During E3, we got to check out the folks from FreeStyleGames playing DJ Hero -- Activision's upcoming rhythm/music game -- using blasphemous guitar controllers in-tandem with the ubiquitous plastic turntable (seen above). While Activision is still keeping mum on whether or not the ability to use guitars in all tracks of the game (none the less vocals) will be shipping with DJ Hero, apparently the folks working on the game think including their turntable in Guitar Hero titles "Sounds like a great idea!"

In fact, both the DJ Hero team and Neversoft (developers of the Guitar Hero franchise) seem open to the idea of cross-game instrument implementation (say that three times fast). GH director Brian Bright told Eurogamer, "We would love to integrate in the future," speaking to the cross-franchise possibilities with each game's respective peripheral. So if we can use a turntable, have a group of folks on various instruments, and get someone spitting hot fire into a mic, what's the point of Def Jam Rapstar again?

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