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Sixth European Track Pack invades Guitar Hero: World Tour


For those of you stuck in the Guitar Hero: World Tour bus, looking for some new tunes to crank out, know that some international influence is about to rock your copy of Activision's game. The sixth European track pack is now available for download, and includes the following songs:
  • Placebo – "The Bitter End" (France) - 160 / $1.99 / 200 Wii Points
  • Loquillo y Trogloditas – "Cadillac Solitario" (Spain) - 160 / $1.99 / 200 Wii Points
  • Finley – "Adrenalina" (Italy) - 160 / $1.99 / 200 Wii Points
You can download each track individually for the listed price, or if you would like to grab them all together in one fell swoop, you can nab the pack for 440 or $5.49 on Xbox Live and PSN, respectively.

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