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Sprint confirms direct HTC Snap sales for June 21

Chris Ziegler

Some folks are already having luck scooping these things up at Best Buy and / or Radio Shack (you can snag it from the big box for $520 off contract), but if you like your phone sales direct, hang tight -- the Snap isn't far off. Sprint has told InformationWeek that the WinMo Standard device -- likely the first version of it to launch stateside in front of T-Mobile and Verizon -- will be launching on the 21st of this month for $149 on contract after rebates. That still puts it a solid $50 behind the E71x's aggressive $99 on-contract price over on AT&T, but if you're a WinMo diehard or you've got to be on Sprint, this might be your best option going.

[Via Phone Scoop]

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