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Champions Online introduces new villain: Gigaton

James Egan

While the term 'unlikely hero' is pretty familiar to most, it's not often we think of unlikely villains. But this is the case with the latest 'big bad' that Cryptic Studios has revealed for Champions Online -- "Gigaton". His story begins as Tim Colton, a perfect and loyal soldier and thus an equally perfect candidate for Project Sunburst, ostensibly a military war game involving nuclear strike scenarios. It was more than theoretical, however, and Colton became the military's unwitting guinea pig in actual nuclear tests. While most other test subjects died as a result of the tests, Colton developed superhuman abilities after being bombarded with radiation. Although he remained in perfect physical condition, requiring neither food nor water, he was inexplicably comatose.

Despite the slight drawback of being perpetually unconscious, Colton's bio-nuclear powers were off the chart. This came to the attention of a major villain in the Champions Online setting, Doctor Destroyer, who had Colton 'liberated' from the army's facilities. Colton was revived and given a new purpose in life by his villainous benefactor, to join forces with Doctor Destroyer's organization, the only real option open to Colton after being betrayed by the army. From that point on, Colton became Gigaton, and is thus the latest villain announced in the Champions Online lineup. Cryptic has put together a villain profile for Gigaton outlining the character's past, and of course his superhuman abilities.

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