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Reminder: BlizzCon tickets need final names by 5pm PDT today


We want to take a moment to remind folks that today at 5:00 p.m. PDT / 8:00 p.m. EDT is the last possible moment you have to change the names on your BlizzCon tickets.

The person who bought the tickets will receive a separate email for each ticket (sometime in the future) that will contain a barcode that must be printed off and presented with a valid photo ID at the time the tickets are picked up. That ID must match the name on the ticket, no exceptions.

If you do not enter names on each ticket by 5 p.m. PDT today, the tickets will be put in the name of the person who purchased them (via the account). That person will then have to pick up the tickets and distribute them accordingly. The only time IDs will be checked is upon ticket pick up, not upon entering the venue.

Some folks at have bought tickets for friends, and we all went around and made sure the names were exactly right last night. You should do the same!

In order to change the names on your tickets, log into your account management page over at and go to your order history. There, you'll see the BlizzCon ticket purchase, which you can click and be presented with the tickets and name change options. will be there in force this year, we have right now over 10 people going, so it'll be a blast for sure. We're planning our Thursday night reader meet up, and will have extensive coverage throughout the convention right here!

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