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Vertu's BH-1V Bluetooth headset gets FCC approval, leaves $100 tip

Chris Ziegler

The Vertu Aerius never really did Nokia's luxury marque justice -- casual passers-by would stop, point, and laugh at the overpriced Jabra JX10 masquerading as a meticulously hand-built bauble, and as we all know, disgustingly wealthy people have egos far too fragile for that kind of mockery. We have renewed faith today, though, that Vertu's hard at work making its own Bluetooth headset more befitting a brand associated with gelded, bedazzled serpents thanks to an FCC approval for a model BH-1V. Yeah, that's right, that'd be "V" as in "Vertu," so you know this thing is gonna be awesome. Who knows -- it could even be a giant letter "V" encrusted in diamonds, in which case our life would be complete and we could stop writing about technology altogether.

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