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Alex Ovechkin hip checks NHL 2K10 cover


Alex Ovechkin, left winger for the Washington Capitals, and his beautiful face will be gracing the cover of this years NHL 2K10. According to the Capitals website, a "fists clenched and mouth agape" Ovechkin image has been picked for the game's cover, the third hockey game to use his image on the box.

Additionally, Ovechkin is participating in 2K's first ever "public outdoor hockey motion capture session" next week in Las Vegas, taking time out of his trip to Nevada for the NHL Awards Show. Rather than employing ice, however, the session is said to be using a plastic sheet, hopes, and dreams. Unfortunately, this ain't the hockey game with first-person fighting mechanics, so those of you looking to knock some teeth out of Ovechkin's head all up close and personal-like may find yourselves wanting for more.

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