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CABAL Online releases their third chapter tomorrow

Shawn Schuster

European CABAL Online fans will be happy to hear that their second major update of the year, Soul & Siena, will go live tomorrow. This is only three months after the previous expansion, which introduced us to new hunting grounds, a title system and many new items. This newest expansion will continue the trend of new content by adding a new raiding dungeon, high level armors and a unique bonus skill system.

In addition, CABAL is implementing a new security feature for players' accounts with the sub-password system. This allows players to create an additional four-digit code to protect their equipped items, storage and even their character. Sounds like something a few other major MMOs should take a look at.

Remember, this expansion is 100% free, as is the game itself, so all EU players can head on over to their site and download the client starting tomorrow!

[Edit: We're informed by OGplanet that the US version will be coming soon as well, so stay tuned for more news on that.]

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