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Comet Crash patch adds YouTube recording


It's one of the best (and most underused) features of the PS3: the ability to record gameplay footage onto YouTube. The quietly-released strategy PSN game, Comet Crash, is getting a new patch that adds YouTube recording, amongst other features:
  • Flag icons added to scoreboard. If you have an existing score, you have to get a better score in order to register your flag.
  • Save Data for Campaign progress.
  • Campaign time penalties are now applied as they occur, instead of at the end of the game.
  • Rank is displayed in Area Complete screen.
  • Building on top of units of the same team will destroy them instead of floating them.
  • In Battle mode, the player that destroys an enemy base gets a Thorium bonus.
It's nice to see more games start taking advantage of YouTube support. Imagine a future where all PS3 and PSN games offer some kind of in-game screenshot and YouTube functionality. That would be pretty stellar!

[Via PlayStation.Blog]

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