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Mysterious 'Season Pass' surfaces in 1 vs. 100


We all know 1 vs. 100 is supposed to be free to Xbox Live Gold subscribers, but while cruising around the game's menus last night, one of our more observant readers spotted something out of whack. As you can see in the images he snapped in our gallery below, an odd "Season Pass" option popped up in one of the game's menus. When trying to download it, the content was oddly labeled as "1 vs. 100 Show GB," and even though our tipster could get through the download process, doing so yielded no viable results, as the content would only give an error message. But, what puzzles us more is thig "GB" business. What could it stand for?

True, the seasonal approach is something we knew about 1 vs. 100 already, but it's supposed to be free. Could Microsoft be looking to monetize the upcoming Primetime Channel game a bit more? We heard the company likes money, but we put in word for clarification just in case. We'll get back to you when we get a response.

[Thanks, Josh!]

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