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One Shots: Bubble of DOOOOOOM

Normally we don't get large descriptions, such as the one we got for today's Darkfall One Shots that was sent in to us by Ninogan Swiftstep. That said, when we do get them, we're glad to cede the floor as the players are often one of the best resources on learning more about a game, for better or worse. As such, here's today's note from Ninogan: Darkfall has been running for a few months now and with the latest patch you can no longer jump while charging a spell or nocking an arrow. This has changed pvp quite a bit and it seems like a lot of people hate it and a lot of people love it. I still haven't decided how I feel about it but I was a lot better at PvP before this change. Right now it seems like the guy with the highest magic skills will usually win most of the fights and that's a big problem considering the changes to how you can skill up magic now (long story short: it's a lot more annoying now).

So when you see someone conjure up huge AoE's and bubbles like the one in the picture then you probably should turn around if you don't have any of those mean spells yourself or accept that you will mostly likely lose your gear. Darkfall is still a lot of fun, win or lose.

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