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OS 3.0 compatible apps already trickling in


Some of our readers have informed us that Tap Tap Revenge (iTunes store link) has been updated to version 2.6, boasting compatiblity with iPhone OS 3.0. This is most likely merely the first of many apps that will see updates in the coming weeks, but it's interesting that Tapulous has unleashed this update so far in advance of OS 3.0's release.

If you are running OS 3.0, upon launching the new version of Tap Tap it will ask you for permission to send push notifications to your device. If you allow them, a new category called Notifications will appear in your device's main settings, which will allow you to toggle push notifications on or off. Additionally, it appears that each app will have individual settings for badges and alerts.

It's not likely that Tapulous will be sending any push notifications just yet, as Apple has yet to throw the novelty-sized Frankenstein knife switch to activate push services. It's also unclear at this point what type of push services Tap Tap Revenge may offer after that switch is thrown. It is an interesting preview of things to come, however.

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