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Breakfast Topic: How should WoW end?


"The dark times will pass."

Blood Elf NPCs say this all the time, but how do they know? Are they just saying that to try to give us enough hope to finish the task they just gave us? Or do they actually foresee an end to the evils that we fight on a daily basis?

With 11.5 million subscribers, WoW is going to be around for a long time. Even if 8.5 million people leave for whatever reason, there will still be 3 million people left -- which is great for a pay-to-play MMO. But someday it will end and when it does, it would be wonderful if Blizzard provided us with a playable end of the world.

We discussed this a couple of years ago, but WoW has changed since then. We now have new possibilities for world-ending events and there will be more expansions and major content patches giving us even more paths to complete. But will the stories end and how would you want them to?

The Spousal Unit would like to see a closing of all the instances with significant lore bosses, maybe some terrain changes, and festivals celebrating the vanquishing of the Burning Legion.

A satisfactory end and a party would be a lot of fun, but I would like to see a darker conclusion to all of our efforts. What if we become so powerful, that we are like titans ourselves? The ensuing battle is one glorious free-for-all resulting in a cataclysmic event ending all life in Azeroth as we know it. Boom! Game over.

Holy Dueg suggests that the end of Azeroth may come after killing too many of the Old Gods. Perhaps Blizzard will coincide the end of WoW with a downing of the last few in one enormous world event. And then Azeroth floats apart, ending the adventures for everyone.

Historically, games go on as normal until the very end. If the players are lucky, the developers will give them a pretty light show, but that's it. The players of Tabula Rasa, however, were able to participate in an actual end to their story. Hopefully, the end of the World of Warcraft will be even more spectacular.

How would you like WoW to end?

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