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French and German carriers release iPhone pricing (Update: and Italy's, too)

Casey Johnston

Heads up, mimes, and er... strudels: the iPhone 3G S pricing for France and Germany has been released!

One of France's providers, Orange, plans to charge €229 ($318US) for the 32GB version and €149 ($206US) for the 16GB with a one-year minimum contract. The least expensive contract will cost €39 and last two years. Orange plans to open its Champs-Elysées store one minute past midnight on the day of release, which means the French will have their iPhones in hand a full 14 hours before the U.S.

Orange is also releasing a new data plan that has four hours of calling and unlimited e-mail and text messages, 60 TV channels and Internet access through 3G and WiFi at €52 per month, an imporvement over previous plans with fewer TV channels and unlimited texting only at certain times of day. Tethering will also be available at €9.90 per month for 200MB of traffic, or €29.90 for "unlimited service" that will be throttled once the user exceeds 1GB of data.

Germany's T-Mobile, in a similar approach to O2 in the UK, is pricing the iPhone 3G S at €1 for both models, but to get that price the customer must agree to a two year contract at €119.95 per month. The most expensive configuration at the outset is the 32GB phone at €249.95, but it will allow for cheaper contracts.

Orange's competitors, SFR and Bouygues Telecom, have not yet released pricing information. SFR plans to release the 3G S on June 24th, and Bouygues has not yet announced a date.

Update: Italy's provider, TIM, has also released their pricing scheme for prepaid plans: €719 for the 32GB phone and €619 for the 16GB. Thanks, antiorario!

[Via Macworld]

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