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Latest piece of Star Trek Online lore revealed

Lesley Smith

I'm what you might call a 'casual Trekkie', I enjoy the TV series and loved the latest movie so I was quite curious when this timeline was revealed last week. Star Trek Online takes place well past the events of the film and Voyager so I bet I'm not the only one who is eager to find out what happens next. Well as part of the run up to the game's release, the STO devs have been posting pieces (called The Path to 2409) looking at the game's future history as well as fictionalised interviews with important characters within the game and the franchise itself.

Their latest post is an interview between roving reporter Jake Sisko and Ambassador Worf and adds more pieces to the 'prime' universe and the game's backstory which I find completely fascinating. Indeed all the posts, from interviews to straight-up historical ramblings, are a must-read for Trekkies anticipating the release of Star Trek Online.

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