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Mad Dog McCree blasts his way to Wii with the Gunslinger Pack


That Gamefly listing for Mad Dog McCree was spot on, apparently, as the title has shipped to retail. Majesco just sent us a press release revealing the company will be bringing a few of Digital Leisure's live-action light-gun classics to a Wii near you, pricing this compilation at a very reasonable $19.99 MSRP. Mad Dog McCree Gunslinger Pack features three classics: Mad Dog McCree; Mad Dog 2: The Lost Gold; and The Last Bounty Hunter.

You won't be forced to go it alone in each of these adventures either, as this compilation also adds a bit of multiplayer flair. There will be both Posse and Rebel modes, the former allowing up to four players to work side-by-side for a high score, and the latter allows up to four players to work independently, shooting things to gain the highest score of the bunch.

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