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Spyborgs' Bionic Games lays off some of its staff


Bionic Games, developers of the Capcom-published action game Spyborgs, has laid off an unspecified number of staff, according to statements given to G4 by company president Michael Haller. "On Friday, we began moving team members to other projects and laying off those for whom we do not have an immediate position," Haller said. "This is normal at every development studio that I am familiar with." He denied rumors that a refusal to pay by Capcom had forced the company to shut down entirely.

According to Haller, the current state of Spyborgs development no longer required the full complement of employees at Bionic. "Last week, we completed our Beta delivery [of Spyborgs] to Capcom," he told G4. "We now only need a small team to handle any bugs that might pop up over the next month or so. The game is for all intents and purposes finished and delivered."

In fact, Haller confirmed that Bionic is "six months into" its next project, and will begin hiring more staff following a successful prototype submission for that game.

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