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Trophies: Bomberman Ultra


0 Platinum
1 Gold
4 Silver
6 Bronze
Difficulty: Very Easy
Online Trophies? Yes
Time to Completion: 5 hours
DLC Trophies? No
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Gold Trophy

Collect 60 Costume Balls

Silver Trophies

The Bomb!
Win 30 Online Multiplayer games

Joy of Painting with Bomberman
Claim 130 or more tiles in a Local Zombie match against 3+ CPU players

The Good, The Bad and The Bombed
With the full cowboy outfit, Frag another cowboy in an Online Multiplayer match

Girl Power!
With a full female outfit, win an Online Multiplayer 4+ player girl only match

Bronze Trophies

Paint the town red!
Win a Zombie match in Local Play again 2+ CPU players

The Name's Bomb, Dangerous Bomb
Take out 3 CPU players at once in a Local game

Win 15 Local matches against 3+ CPU players

Totally Bombed!
Win a Local match against 3+ CPU players after being in a Super Revenge Cart

Completely Unstoppable
Remain undefeated for five consecutive 4+ player Online Multiplayer games

You die so good!
Score 25 Frags in an Online Multiplayer Zombie Match

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