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Warhammer Online's 'Rise of the Tomb Kings' event goes live today

If you're still frequenting the Order vs. Destruction battlegrounds in EA Mythic's tabletop-to-internet adaptation Warhammer Online, brace yourself -- the game's getting a sizable booster shot. The Rise of the Tomb Kings live event is going ... live at some point today, bringing with it a brand new instanced dungeon, and a new zone known as the Land of the Dead. Will John Leguizamo be there to help you destroy the undead legions? Man, we hope so.

The event will have the warring factions building "giant airships" to reach the deathly desert, racing to reach the "unimaginable wealth" within. Players can earn new aeronautical titles as well, such as "Sky Captain" and "Master of the Air." Sounds pretty neat! If only we could pull ourselves away from Habbo Hotel long enough to check it out.

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